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Welcome to Hacksoft.biz! If you are looking  game cheats or a game guide you are in the right place. We provide the best game cheats, which are tested and maintained to be fully working. You can search to find tools for your favourite game, but if you can’t find it here you can send a request message through our contact page. We will add the tool that you requested as soon we find a working one. To use hacksoft.biz game tools is very easy, most of them works directly in your bowser. They are compatible with your PC, MacBook, iPad, iPhone or Android devices. If you find a but or a game tool doesn’t work for you contact us.

What you can find on our site?

You will find the latest working game cheats, hacks, tutorials and guides for the most popular games. Also, you can find free software tools for you pc.

It’s free to use the game tools here?

Yes, all of the tools posted here are free.

How can i use the tools from Hacksoft.biz?

To use one of the tools published here is easy, each tool has instructions on how you can use it. Also, if you can’t manage it you can send a message through contact page.

It is safe to use these game cheats?

Yes. All of the game cheats posted on Hacksoft.biz are made to be undetectable. So, your account will be protected and safe. But be careful, don’t spam using these tools.